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Nintendo Confirms Antipiracy Solution in 3D Gaming Console

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has revealed plans to protect its upcoming hand-held gaming device, the 3DS, against software piracy.

At a press release in a Tokyo hotel, covered by Mercury News (opens in new tab), Iwata emphasised Nintendo's concern at increasing levels of piracy in Asia and Europe and its rise in popularity among users stating that, "We fear a kind of thinking is become widespread that paying for software is meaningless. We have a strong sense of crisis about this problem.”

He did not further elaborate about the planned steps to beef up guards against piracy, saying that to reveal any details on the measures would only alert hackers beforehand.

Iwata also gave assurances to people that 3-D gaming offers no increased threat to users eyesight and will be very easy to switch off.

Despite the forecast of declining sales and profit for the next fiscal year, he is said to be extremely optimistic for the future, expecting demand for the 3GS to far outstrip supply.

Expected to be unveiled at the E3 Trade Show in Los Angeles next month, the new 3DS works on 3-D technology and is expected to go on sale by March 2011.