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Samsung Bada Gets First SDK

Samsung has released the Software Development Kit for its Bada mobile phone operating system.

The SDK is an invitation to software developers to start building applications for the Bada OS before the release of Samsung's flagship phone, the Samsung Wave.

Revealed on the Bada Developers blog, the SDK will come with APIs, compilers, debuggers, important codes and several tutorials and documents that give a step by step break down on how to start developing for the platform.

Samsung has not yet given details on the revenue sharing deal it will have with developers but many tech pundits believe that they will be offering around 70 per cent of the revenue gained per development.

The Bada OS will thrust Samsung into the middle of the smartphone war, currently dominated by Apple's iPhone and Google's Android based smartphones.

Samsung, which has struggled with sales ever since the iPhone entered the market, is also the member of the Wholesale Application Community and has phones based on both Android and Symbian OS.

Developers can download the first version of the Bada SDK by registering themselves on the Bada Developers website (opens in new tab).