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Vodafone Explains Controversial Fair Usage Capping

UK telecom giant Vodafone has scrapped its 'Fair Use' 500 MB download limit policy for mobile broadband users.

Instead of receiving a warning message prior to crossing the limit, Vodafone has announced that users who cross the 500 MB limit will be charged 50 pence for the first 25 MB, followed by an extra £2 per MB.

This move has invited severe criticism from Vodafone users who claim that they were not given the traditional 30 day notice informing them of the change in service.

Vodafone's head of web relations Jakub Hrabovsky told Tech Radar UK (opens in new tab) that users will be getting a 14 day notice instead of a 30 day notice as this was not a change in service but an increase in fee.

Hrabovsky said that “You'll be entitled to end your contract if you can show that the introduction of the new charges has increased your total call and usage charges by more than 10%.” truly wireless.