Vodafone & O2 Reveal iPad Data Plan Prices

Vodafone and O2 have become the next mobile network operator to disclose their 3G data plans for the iPhone and the least we can say is that they are rather tame compared to AT&T in the US.

For a start, there's no unlimited packages; O2 offers a PAYG mobile broadband package for the iPad with three packages; £2 per day gets you 500MB worth of downloads, £10 per month, 1GB and £15 per month, 3GB.

All packages come with free WiFi from The Cloud and BT Openzone. O2 allows you to top up with 1GB or 3GB packages and that highlights the fact that at any time, users will only have 5GB on their account.

Vodafone, which has yet to publish the tariffs on its website, disappoints with a 250MB per month package available for a whopping £10 per month. Its 5GB per month package costs £25 which is the same as for Orange but without the WiFi and with half the allocated data.

All in all, with three of the biggest UK mobile networks having published their data plans, O2 managed to come up with the best value for money package (1GB for £10) with Orange getting kudos for its 10GB for £25 data plan.

After the recent announcement by Vodafone that it will be enforcing a stricter data usage policy, the lack of competitive iPad data deals is yet another poor show from the red team.