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£280 BenQ MP515 DLP Projector 2600:1 2500 Lumens 800 x 600

BenQ has made improvements all around – from re-designing their colour wheel for maximum noise and vibration absorption to creating a smoother airflow that enables exhaust fans to run at lower speeds. The BenQ advantage: sweet silence.

The BenQ MP515 boasts a high 2600:1 contrast ratio. High contrast ratios translate to razor-sharp detail definition and a broader range of subtle colour differences, which makes text is sharper, cleaner, and easy to read and in turn grab audiences’ attention and interest. A 2500 ANSI lumens projection lamp ensures great viewing even is location with ambient light.

MP515 is ideal for small meeting room with under 25 people. SVGA (800X600) resolution for vibrant images with precision colour and detail. Display subtitles in video content without the need for an external closed-captioning device. Perfect for viewing in noisy environments, language learning and other situations where a transcript of onscreen dialog is desirable. With up to ±40° keystone adjustment, a perfect square is all you’ll see. So go ahead and say goodbye to misshaped images, graphics, and charts.

BenQ projectors, the first to adopt BrilliantColor Technology, with BrilliantColor deliver unsurpassed colour range, depth, and vibrancy far beyond the conventional colour space to capture hard-to-produce vivid yellows, cyan, and magenta. BrilliantColor and BenQ breathe life into every image.

Exclusive BenQ 3D Color Management empowers you with the freedom to fine-tune colour intensity to meet your preference. 3D Color Management lets users independently adjust the hue, grain, and saturation levels of all six colour wheel tones (red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, and yellow) without colours compromising each other.

BenQ has studied the most commonly used paint colours and developed easy-to-use Wall Color Correction Technology so that you can project anywhere and still get the precise colour performance you need. With build-in 2W speaker, not only do you get the vivid visual performance, you get the same audio satisfaction, too.

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Désiré Athow

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