Cloud Computing To Become More Complex Says EMC CEO

The Chairman and CEO of EMC, Joe Tucci, has said that he expects the use of cloud-based storage systems to increase.

Speaking at the EMC World 2010 conference, Tucci said the amount of data stored by enterprises in their physical systems was growing larger and more complex by the day.

Citing virtualisation as the technology driving moves towards the adoption of cloud-based technologies, Tucci said the industry was yet to experience the biggest shift in storage, something he described as "inevitable" as enterprise users look to simplify their storage infrastructure.

Tucci said: “We’re now going through what I believe is pretty much going to be the biggest wave in the history of information technology.”

Tucci added that the cost of maintaining a storage infrastructure is rising, citing the example of his own company, EMC, which spends 72 per cent of its current IT budget on maintaining this technology.