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Codemasters Sue Rival Over Illegal Poaching

Codemasters is to sue rival Playground Games over allegations that the company poached key staff.

The Daily Mail (opens in new tab) reports that Codemasters has filed the lawsuit against its rival after Playground lured away key staff in an attempt to obtain confidential information.

Playground Games, set up by the former Codemasters executives Nicholas Wheelright and Trevor Williams, has been accused of poaching a team of core employees working on new projects at Codemasters.

The company has filed a legal writ highlighting the names of 15 former Codemasters employees, including the founders of Playground Games themselves.

The writ further states that these persons have played important roles in the development of top racing games at Codemasters, and together boast a combined experience of almost 100 years, giving Playground Games a headstart of 12 months in the development and marketing of games.

Codemasters argues that the defection has affected the development of its new racing game, and is seeking an unspecified amount in damages from Playground.