HP May Rename Slate As Hurricane

There are rumours indicating that HP will be rebranding its Slate tablet PC as the Hurricane - if a blog post on the Examiner is to be believed.

The publication does not mention its source, but states that the device will be based on the Web OS that HP acquired after buying Palm earlier this year.

The blog also suggests that the rebranded tablet may be available as early as July.

The recent shelving of the much-hyped Slate came as a surprise to many observers. Powered by Windows 7, it would have come with a built-in camera, USB port, SD Card reader, support for Flash, video recording, and a price tag of between $550 for the 32GB model, and $600 for the 64GB.

The Hurricane will be HP's attempt to break into the tablet PC market, aiming to grab some of the market from the already dominant Apple iPad, which has sold more than one million units since release.

A Web OS platform could give a boost to HP as it is more suited to a purely mobile environment where proven power efficiency is paramount.