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iPad To Come With Printing Capability

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has confirmed that customers will be able to print from their iPads, though he has yet to specify a date.

Responding to the email query: "Why not printing on the iPad? What gives?", Jobs replied via iPhone: "it will come".

Productivity suite iWorks is currently the most popular paid-for service for the iPad, indicating that consumers are using the tablet for more than just entertainment - and increasing the need for printing capabilities.

The iWorks support pages contain the line "Printing directly from iPad is not currently available" - hinting that the feature might be added at a future stage.

There's currently no easy way to print from the iPad, other than e-mailing the document to a computer with printing capabilities.

There are also questions over how the iPad will connect to a printer in the first place.

Maybe the answer lies in the next version of the iPhone OS 4.0 platform, due to be launched within the next few months.

Désiré Athow

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