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NZXT knocks out Micro-ATX gaming case

While many PC enthusiasts like to pack colossal cases full of high-end kit, NZXT is attempting to show that gaming cases don’t have to be all about compensating for penis size. The company has just launched its Vulcan case, which joins Antec’s Mini P180 in the growing range of Micro-ATX gaming cases.

Despite its diminutive dimensions of just 406 x178 x 422mm (W x D x H), NZXT has ensured that the case has enough space to accommodate all the gaming essentials. According to NZCT, this includes the necessary 350mm of clearance needed for a Radeon HD 5970 graphics card.

Designed to cross the bridge between a full-size desktop tower and a small form factor shoebox, the Vulcan features a rubber-coated handle so that it can be transported to LAN events, but also still manages to tick a lot of feature-boxes for enthusiasts. This includes ready-made holes for routing a water-cooling loop outside the case, as well as loads of fan mounts.

The standard pair of 120mm fans (one intake and one exhaust) are supplied, but there’s room for another 120mm exhaust fan, another 80mm fan and even a 200mm blower attached to the side-panel mesh. NZXT claims that the case can also accommodate a 170mm CPU heatsink.

Meanwhile, room for four expansion slots ensure that you can get the most out of your Micro-ATX motherboard’s limited height. There’s plenty of room for drives as well, with two 5.25in drive bays, and four 3.5in bays (two internal and one external, with a removable hard drive cage).

NZXT’s chief designer, Johnny Hou, said that the Vulcan saw the company “making a huge statement by empowering gamers with a portable solution that is 40 percent more compact than ATX full towers that still offers superior cooling and space for larger heatsinks and the most demanding graphics cards like the Radeon 5970 in CrossFire.”

We’re sure that this will be a popular case for portability-conscious LAN gamers, although it’s also likely that many of its features won’t get used, seeing as so many Micro-ATX motherboards are also poor overclockers.

NZXT says the Vulcan will be available in Europe at the end of May. There’s no word on UK pricing yet, but the Euro pricing has been set at €59.99, which works out at £51.03 before you’ve added the usual UK rip-off mark-up. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.