UK Charity Launches iHobo iPhone App

UK-based Youth charity DePaul has released the iHobo application for the iPhone.

The application, created by advertising firm Publicis, aims to encourage donations for homeless teenagers and young adults from its users.

iHobo will be capable of downloading a virtual 'homeless person' onto the user's iPhone, attempting to highlight the hardships faced by the young living on the streets, fighting drug and alcohol addictions and struggling with hunger on a daily basis.

The application will provide actual insight into the world of a homeless youth, covering a period of three days in real time.

The CEO of DePaul UK, Paul Marriot, told Marketing Week: “Homeless young people are often stereotyped and looked down upon. When they sleep rough, they are highly vulnerable and face very real risks.”

Marriot also added that the iPhone application will remove any doubts that people may have about the lives of the young homeless communities living in the UK today.