UK iPad prices released

UK mobile phone operators have released the prices at which they will sell the Apple iPad when it is released on 28 May.

The stylised laptop computer will retail between £429 and £699, depending on memory and communications options. Mobile operators will allow customers to pay for mobile data access on a daily basis since the costs can be prohibitive.

Operators will charge between £2 a day and £25 a month for people to access the internet using their Apple iPad, reported Marketing Week.

The Apple iPad, a device supremely suited to the lifestyles of microserfs swanning around the drive-in cafes and office lounges of the plush Californian Silicon Valley, will typically cost more than the average person living in the UK earns in a week.

Yet Apple has plans to sell the iPad at a higher price in the UK than the US. The iPad is priced between $499 (£337) and $829 (£561) in the US, reported the Press Association.

Apple promotes the iPad as, "A magical and revolutionary product at an unbelievable price."

The same may be said of the fortune amassed by Steve Jobs, Apple's head honcho. Jobs sits on a treasure horde worth $5.5 billion, according to Forbes' list of Billionaires. Jobs has become 136th richest of the world's 6.9 billion people. He effectively possesses more than 75 cents for every person on the planet. More than a billion people earn close to that in a day.

Helpfully, Marketing Week also reported yesterday how the iPad might raise awareness of the hardships endured by people in poverty: Homeless charity Depaul UK released a game for the iPad that gives people responsibility for a homeless person. Called iHobo, its what would have resulted if Ken Loach had been commissioned to produce Pokemon.