The Ultimate UK Apple iPad 3G Data Plans : 6 Networks, 39 Plans

The countdown for the official launch of the iPad has already started and the first device will be available on Friday the 28th of May nationwide. Unlike the iPhone, iPad users will have to look for the best data packages by themselves.

Apple currently carries three official mobile network operators on its website but if you're happy to hop around and do a bit of DIY, you could significantly reduce your monthly data costs.

Since you don't need a PAC code or any phone number to transfer your number, this means that it will be easier to unceremoniously dump any non-performing networks overnight.

In the table, we have compared offerings from the six main network operators; O2, Orange, Vodafone, Virgin Media, 3 UK and T-Mobile with the first three being the only ones currently offering microSIM.

You've got a much larger choice should you choose to take on the easy task of cutting your way through your SIM card with a sharp knife and a pair of scissors; more here.

Unfortunately, Google Apps is not allowing us to share the spreadsheet so instead, please find the table as a graphics below