Vodafone Won't Be Charging For Excessive Use After All

UK telecom services provider Vodafone has announced that the company will not be charging users who exceed their mobile broadband download limits - at least for the next few months.

This announcement was in response to the mutinous surge of complaints from customers who believe Vodafone should give a full month's notice before the change of service rather than just 14 days.

In an attempt at damage limitation, Vodafone has announced it was highly unlikely that users would exceed the 500MB limit, but even if they did, they would not be forced into paying extra charges.

Instead they would receive advisory messages and options to shift to other plans before finally being charged if they continue to exceed their download limit.

The move is a partial backtrack on Vodafone's recent announcement that it was scrapping its 'fair use' data download limit and would begin to charge users who exceeded its new 500MB cap, in a break from the previous policy of sending a warning text.