Apple To Release WiFi iPad Update

Apple has confirmed, via a support page, that it will roll out a software update to solve the iPad's problematic handling of WiFi that has plagued scores of users since the launch of the tablet PC.

In a support advisory, Apple acknowledged that "A very small number of iPad users have experienced issues with Wi-Fi connectivity" before adding that it "will also address remaining Wi-Fi connectivity issues with a future iPad software update."

The consumer electronics giant did propose a handful of solution to address the issues encountered by iPad users; these included upgrading your WiFi router's firmware, switching to WPA or WPA2 security protocol, altering the iPad's screen brightness and renewing the device's IP address.

Some users have questioned whether Apple will launch the firmware anytime soon given that there's no indication as to when it will be released. Others are doubtful about whether a software update will be helpful at all given that at least one solution includes tweaking the router.

Since the iPhone 4.0 OS will be released to iPad players in Autumn, Apple might decide to launch the fix between now and then and make the fix permanent in the next OS.

The iPad has sold more than one million units in its first 28 days and has been one of Apple's fastest selling products ever. The company has not mentioned the exact number of non-3G and 3G units sold.