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Epic boobs Bebo teen loses privacy claim

A woman has lost a privacy complaint against Loaded after the magazine printed web pictures of her alongside the slogan “Wanted! The Epic Boobs Girl!”.

The Press Complaints Commission decided (opens in new tab) that photographs of the woman, usually with the joke “Epic Boobs – Can turn heterosexual females into lesbians in 0.39 seconds”, were so widely disseminated online that Loaded did not invade her privacy by reprinting them.

Loaded had offered £500 to any reader who could identify the woman and persuade her to pose for a photo shoot.

In her complaint to the PCC, the woman – who we're not going to name – said that the photos were taken four years ago when she was 15 and published to a Bebo social networking account.

“Given the length of time which had elapsed, she could not remember whether her site had any privacy settings in place and did not know the circumstances in which the photographs had been removed,” the PCC said.

The PCC noted that a Google image search for “boobs” returned the complainant's photo in the top three results, and claimed that there were hundreds of thousands of copies of the images available online.

On these grounds, it ruled that the photo was public domain and Loaded did not invade her privacy by reprinting it. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.