Google US Search Marketshare Fall Benefits Microsoft And Yahoo

Google's declining share of the US search engine market is down to an increase in the popularity of Yahoo and Bing, suggests a report from internet market research firm comScore.

Data released by comScore confirmed that while Google's US search engine market share fell from 65.1 to 64.4 per cent last month, Yahoo's share rose from 16.9 to 17.7 per cent.

Microsoft's Bing search also saw a slight increase in its market share, increasing to 11.8 per cent.

In response to increasing competition from a new and improved Yahoo and the constantly evolving Bing, Google recently revamped its search engine user interface, adding enhanced search tools to improve the users' search experience.

Internet pundits are crediting new tools at Yahoo and Bing for their increased share in a market that's still largely dominated by Google.

Microsoft's Bing, which powers the search at Yahoo, has been rising slowly but consistently for the last 11 months.