Magic Software shoots its iBOLT

Israeli outfit, Magic Software Enterprises said its latest version of its iBOLT business integration platform offers a Microsoft SharePoint connector for code-free integration between the newest version of Microsoft’s corporate portal - released today - and other enterprise applications.

“With iBOLT now connecting Microsoft SharePoint 2010 with the other business applications in the enterprise, companies no longer have to deal with patching up their disconnected business processes,” said Regev Yativ, president and CEO for Magic Software Enterprises.

The latest iBOLT 3.2 release comes with a number of new or improved connectors for Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and HL7.

In a statement, Eyal Pfeifel, CTO for Magic Software Enterprises said, "By supporting Microsoft SharePoint 2010 on the day of its release, we continue our commitment to providing enterprise customers with practical and powerful integration solutions for the latest business applications as they become available."

Existing iBOLT users can update to the latest 3.2 release here.