Microsoft CTO Warns About Change In Enterprise Fabric

Microsoft chief technology officer Barry Briggs has said that the migration to cloud-based computing and storage is only a small part of the coming changes in the global enterprise IT market.

Speaking at a conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Briggs said that greater government intervention, an increase in the amount of stored data, and a rise in the complexity of enterprise storage systems warranted a fresh approach by IT companies.

Commenting on the privacy issues involved in cloud-based services, Briggs said: “There are questions about security and there are also answers to those questions. We spent a huge amount of time investing in security technology for our cloud applications and other vendors are as well.”

Briggs added that in order to keep abreast of the changing trends and growing demand for IT services, Microsoft is currently evaluating new strategies and developing new products designed to cater to the needs of existing and emerging customers.