News@5: Business, Art and another iPhone 4G

IBM has unveiled a new BI analytics tool, the SSPS Modeler, featuring sophisticated business analysis and optimised feedback collection with an emoticon scanner.

HP has released a new series of enterprise products, solutions and services designed to help companies cut money spent on maintaining infrastructure and divert the funds into the development of new products.

Google, via its Enterprise blog, is trying to persuade business users not to upgrade to Microsoft's Office 2010 suite. Unsurprisingly Google offer its own Google Docs as a suitable replacement.

Renowned artist and iPhone fan David Hockney has been using the new iPad to 'paint' pictures before e-mailing them to his friends. He has hailed the tablet a "universal device" that could be "anything you want it to be".

Another iPhone 4G seems to have been mislaid by Apple. This iPhone prototype had found its way to Vietnam before being stripped bare and reviewed for the public's pleasure.