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Pics : Another "Lost" Apple iPhone 4G Prototype Surfaces

Apple has apparently lost another iPhone 4G smartphone prototype as photos, a complete tear down and a video emerged in very far from Silicon Valley, in Vietnam to be more precise.

A site called Taoviet has managed to get hold of the device and took a lot of photos and made a 209s video which you can watch below. The site is currently down and the photos have vanished but can still be found on Gizmodo (opens in new tab) and on Engadget (opens in new tab).

The phone is almost similar to the one that Gizmodo purchased, a whole episode which subsequently turned very ugly (check our complete coverage here).

It has the same form factor with the same amount of onboard storage (16GB) but comes with a few minor changes which indicates that this one is newer.

The camera on the iPhone 4G Vietnam Edition appears to have a slightly larger aperture and two screws have been removed.

The phone which has apparently been purchased for $4000 by a businessman was then torn apart and revealed Apple's A4 processor with its serial number clearly in sight, which will help Apple trace back who was actually guilty of the leak.

To make things even better for Apple, the reviewer, presumably a friend of the businessman, did not even attempt to hide his identity.

Désiré Athow

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