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Wikimedia Looking To Purge Adult Content From Wikipedia

Despite efforts to remove pornographic material, the Wikimedia Foundation has reported that indecent images still remain on its websites.

The outfit behind the Wikipedia online encyclopaedia has admitted that a huge number of pornographic images, still exist on Wikipedia and Wiki Commons websites.

Following a news report by Fox News (opens in new tab), the Wikimedia Foundation began a massive purge of its sites, removing pornographic images that could easily viewed by school children.

Jimmy Wales, president of the Wikimedia Foundation said: “We have had a problem with images being placed into inappropriate categories, so that viewers were exposed in unexpected ways to sexual content. Image categorization should be done in such a way that readers are not exposed to content that may be offensive.”

The Wikimedia Foundation started the purge after Fox News contacted donors to the Wikimedia Foundation about the site's pornographic content.

Donors to the Wikimedia Foundation include companies such as Microsoft, Google and Best Buy.