Apple iPad Won't Sell Well Initially In UK Says Research

Research carried out by a team of Simpson Carpenter researchers led by Mike Stevens about the potential sales characteristics of the iPad showed that the device is unlikely to become a mass market phenomenon soon.

Stevens said in a statement that "When the iPhone was launched, it revolutionised an existing category that people understood. The iPad is at the vanguard of a new category that sits between the computer and the phone - so it's not surprising that many consumers struggle to see how it could fit in their lives."

In other words, the iPad is so new that it is likely that it will still be misunderstood. That coupled with the novelty of the category (Jobs famously said that the tablet sat between the smartphone and a laptop), a damaging global recession and a starting price of £429 just make things more complicated.

The "impulsive minority", those who will want to have it at all cost, will be the trigger and the force behind the initial adoption. There are already more than one million of them worldwide.

This is where the term coined by Steve Jobs to typify the Apple iPad comes into play : Magic. Somehow, users will be attracted to the iPad not because of its function or improvement, but simply through its raw appeal.