Facebook calls emergency meeting on privacy

Facebook has called a meeting today of all staff at the social network’s headquarters in San Francisco.

The meeting, due to take place at 4PM Pacific Daylight Time (around midnight UK time), has been called to discuss the intense criticism the company has come under since it announced changes that open users’ info up to third parties.

The social network is expected to announce some policy changes at the meeting, in a bid to head off the threat of probes by both US and European investigators.

Writing on his blog, the "unofficial Facebook resource" AllFacebook.com, Facebook watcher and digital entrepreneur, Nick O’Neill speculated: "The most likely change will come in the form of a temporary removal of the 'Instant Personalization' service, or at the least, a shift to 'opt-in', something many privacy advocates have been calling for."

Staff at the social network were reported to be unhappy at a recent Q&A session conducted by Facebook's public policy chief, Elliot Schrage, with readers of the New York Times. Schrage called the session "a painful but productive exercise", but appeared to shrug off much of the criticism levelled at the social network.