GM Working With Google On Android-powered Car

US car manufacturer General Motors is currently working with Google to design new computer systems for its cars.

Motor Trend reports that GM and Google are attempting to develop an in-car Android-based computer system that will allow drivers to synchronise their Android smartphones with their cars.

The move will bring a range of new features to GM cars, allowing the company to better compete with Ford, which developed its in-car Sync system in partnership with Microsoft.

If the GM/Google deal is successful, owners of new GM cars should soon be able to start their motors using their Android-based smartphones. This will giving the company a competitive edge over Ford and Microsoft, who currently don't provide auto-start functionality with Ford Sync.

Users will be able to sync their car with the phone's GPS system via Android, rendering the car's own GPS console useless.

Though both companies have declined to comment further on the matter, many industry analysts believe that such a deal is likely to significantly boost the popularity of GM cars.