Limewire Accused Of Supporting Content Piracy

Limewire has been found guilty of supporting the copyright infringements of its users.

A New York federal judge has ruled that the popular peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing client is guilty, and has declared it liable for the damages caused.

The court's decision comes after the The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) bought a lawsuit against Lime Group, the company behind the software, four years ago.

LimeWire was one of few remaining P2P service providers left in the industry. After a 2005 court ruling against file-sharing software maker Grockster, many shut up shop or started to charge customers.

Judge Kimba Woods ruled that it was clear that Limewire and the company's former CEO Mark Gorton were guilty of promoting copyright infringement among users for their own personal gain.

An RIAA spokesperson said: “By finding Lime Wire's CEO personally liable, in addition to his company, the court has sent a clear signal to those who think they can devise and profit from a piracy scheme that will escape accountability.”

The court is yet to decide the amount of money the Lime Group and Gorton will have to pay in damages.