PS3 console finally turns a buck

Japanese media giant Sony has finally made a profit on its flagship PlayStation 3 games console.

The game system - which has been a cash-sucking money pit ever since it launched in November 2006 - recently justified its gargantuan development and manufacturing costs after Sony redesigned the console to be slimmer and cheaper to build.

The company has shifted 2.2 million units in the first three months of this year and reckons it made a profit on every single one.

Sony wouldn't say exactly how much profit, but a spokesman said "For this year we expect to be able to generate at least double-digit profits." We're pretty sure he was talking millions, but hey.... ten dollars is still a profit.

A forthcoming firmware upgrade which will add 3D capabilities to the console, and the arrival of the Move motion sensing controller, should further bolster the console's sales. Sony hopes it can flog 15 million boxes this year compared to 13 million in 2009.