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Samsung LE-40C750 40-inch 3D Television Available For Under £1000

We've notice a surge in the number of online retailers now offering Samsung's cheapest 3D television set, the LE-40C750, for as little as £907 including delivery.

Micom (opens in new tab) currently shows that the item is out of stock with more delivery expected later this month while Eldon Electricals (opens in new tab) has the product with five years free warranty and delivery for £998 with a delivery window of 4 to 14 days.

How good is this price? Well, considering that Play (opens in new tab) is charging a whopping £1600 for the same set, it is a damn good one. Interestingly, Play says the set will be released by the end of this month and slaps a recommended retailer price of £1800.

This means that, even before it is available the television has been discounted by nearly 50 percent in some places.

The Samsung LE-40C750 is a 40-inch 3D television with an integrated Freeview HD tuner and a screen resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. Unlike some of its competitors, it needs special 3D active glasses to work its magic and those unfortunately do not come cheap.

Other interesting features include four HDMI ports, two SCART sockets, ethernet, DSUB, SPDIF ports, Internet@TV, Dolby and Wireless LAN support. Customers can also plug in an external USB hard drive and convert the television into a PVR.

Désiré Athow

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