Sony Could Launch PSP 2 At E3

Japanese manufacturer Sony could launch a new version of its popular Playstation Portable gaming console at next month's E3 gaming event.

According to MCV, the fact that a number of gaming publishers have ringfenced a significant amount of their marketing budgets for a particular item which wil be launched in the fourth quarter of this year.

MCV's curiosity was also aroused by the fact that an anonymous source from an unnamed publisher said that it is holding back plans on the PSP as it is waiting for an update on future plans for the platform.

The Register though points out that the fourth quarter of the year corresponds to the busiest one of the year (Christmas and Black Friday in the US). It will also be when Sony and Microsoft will release Move and Natal respectively, their two motion control gaming peripherals.

Sony is set to pitch the PSP v2 against the Nintendo 3DS which will be announced at E3 as well. Obviously, Apple is also rumoured to be launching the next generation iPhone 4G or iPhone HD by the end of next month.

We'd be chuffed however if Sony could do a tie-up with Sony Ericsson and launch a proper PSP gaming console with integrated mobile phone capabilities (or vice versa). After all if Apple managed to do it with the iPhone, why can't Sony do it?