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Steam for Mac launches

Smug owners of one-button mice* can finally get a taste of proper gaming, as Valve has released the Mac version of Steam, complete with over 60 games.

Both Mac owners and PC owners can download the client now from here (opens in new tab). Valve says that it plans to release a new group of games for the platform every Wednesday, each of which will showcase a different feature of Steam.

This kicked off last night with the introduction of various game packs for the Mac that take advantage of Valve’s Steam Play technology. Unsurprisingly, there isn’t much in the way of the first person graphical blockbusters that you get on the PC yet, but there are still plenty of classic titles nonetheless.

The packs include a classic LucasArts adventure pack, which features both of the Indiana Jones graphical adventures, as well as Loom and The Dig. If adventuring is your bag, then you may well also be interested in the Telltale pack, which includes Tales of Monkey Island, as well as the latest Sam & Max adventure, The Devil’s Playhouse.

There are some great indie titles available too, including the gloopy puzzler World of Goo, quirky platformer Braid and an Indie pack that includes plenty of other games. Meanwhile, turn-based strategy buffs can get their fill of megalomania via an array of Sid Meier titles, including Civilization IV and Colonization.

Other games available at launch include City of Heroes: Architect Edition, and the insanely popular gaming equivalent of a spreadsheet, Football Manager 2010.

Although there’s a disappointing lack of Source engine games in the bag at the moment, there’s a hint at what’s to come in the form of the head-twisting puzzler Portal.

Not only is this game now available for the Mac, but it’s even free to download until 24 May. Plus, Valve is also continuing its love for PC gamers by offering the game for free on both the PC and Mac. If you haven’t played Portal yet, then there’s no excuse not to dive into the Escher-esque brainteaser now.

Valve’s president, Gabe Newell, seems chuffed with the work on Steam for Mac so far. “It's great that we now have the ability to connect with Mac gamers via Steam,” said Newell. “This is the beginning of a groundswell of games coming out for and fully utilising the openness and power of the Mac."

Watch this space, as it looks as though there’s going to be plenty more in the way of first class games coming to the Mac.

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