Android 2.2 to get 450 per cent speed bump

The upcoming update to Google's mobile OS Android, codenamed Froyo, will get a massive increase in speed.

Despite the fact that Google hasn't actually announced the launch yet, the folks at Android Police say they've had the OS up and running on a Nexus One for about a week now and they're getting very excited about it.

Apparently, it runs Flash 'very well' but the biggest news is a reported 450 per cent increase in processor performance, measured using Linpack benchmarking tools.

According to the tests, the previous iteration of the OS managed arounf 6.6 MFLOPS whereas the 2.2 Froyo upgrade posted a mighty 37.7 MFLOPS. As we all know, benchmark results can be deceptive but the tester reckons the phone is "noticeably faster" with the new code under the bonnet.

The new OS will also include USB tethering and the ability to use Wi-fi hotspots according to several reports. The rumour mill is also churning stories about FM radio functionality, more RAM and the ability to install applications to and SD card.

The official announcement is expected to be made at the I/O Google developers conference in San Francisco next week.