Apple iPad Gold Edition Goes On Sale For £130K

Artisan and designer, Stuart Hughes, of UK-based company Goldstriker International has released an Apple iPad that is made up of solid gold and comes with encrusted diamonds and costs a cool £129,995.

At this price, it is a snip, given the fact that Hughes' previous work, the iPhone 3GS Supreme Edition, costs a whopping £1.92 million and was built on order only.

The iPad, also called Supreme Edition, comes with 53 diamonds with 22ct solid gold enclosure. Only 10 such iPads will be available globally and you'd probably need an assistant (or your bodyguard) to carry it anyway; it weighs a whopping 2.1Kg, more than three times the weight of the regular iPad.

Goldstriker's website is currently offline, possibly downed by the amount of potential billionaire looking to acquire the iPad; that said you can still access it via Google.

Stuart Hughes also customised other objects including watches, gadgets, televisions and laptops. The company has partners as far as Angola, Russia, Ukraine and Australia.

Given the fact that new iPad special edition costs 15 times less than the previous iPhone 3GS, one can expect the iPhone 4G Golden to be even cheaper this time around (ed : maybe they'll come out with one made up of Lutetium which is much more expensive than Gold).