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Citrix XenClient Brings Virtualisation to Desktops and Mobiles

Virtualisation software vendor Citrix has unveiled its Xen Hypervisor-based XenClient platform.

The XenClient platform will offer enhanced virtualisation features to enterprise desktops and mobile phones.

The new product enables desktop users to make use of Hypervisor technology, something that was previously only available for servers.

Citrix believes its XenClient will have an edge over other virtualisation software products, like Microsoft's Virtual PC and VMware Workstation, because it will offer a lighter solution than its competitors.

According to Citrix, XenClient will allow users to access virtual enterprise applications from their mobile devices and take their corporate virtual machines home by copying the virtual image on the laptop.

XenClient aims to allow users to run a heavily-guarded virtual environment alongside a user-friendly OS.

Citrix has put a lot of effort into providing a secure and isolated virtual environment for its users, while keeping in mind the flexibility required to work on a VM.

The trial version of the virtualisation client is available for download here (opens in new tab), with the company promising to release the fully featured version in a couple of days.