Diaspora Raises $100,000 to Create Facebook Alternative

Diaspora, the social networking platform being built by four New York University programming students, has raised $100,000 in funding from supporters and other organisations.

Following the controversial and confusing privacy policies implemented by market leader Facebook, the NYU students decided to create their own social networking platform, an open-source social network that puts users in full control of their private data.

The four 20 year olds had hoped to raise $10,000 by June, so that they could start to build the platform over the summer. But with the help of fundraising company Kickstart, the students have managed to raise $100,000 in less than two weeks.

The Diaspora team members said: “We can’t believe it only took us 12 days to reach our goal. We have gotten so much support and exposure thanks to all of you that we could barely keep up with all of your emails, updates and comments.”