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Facebook Calls Meeting Amid Attacks on Privacy Policy

Facebook continued to face criticism over its recent changes to user privacy this week.

The social network has come under fire from a group of US senators who have complained to the US Federal Trade Commission about the issue.

Attacks came on the European front too. The Telegraph today reported that the European Commission's Data Protection Working Party has written a letter to Facebook, asking it to change its default settings to enable users to 'opt in' to the new privacy changes.

The letter stated: “Any further access, such as by search engines, should be an explicit choice of the user. It is unacceptable that [Facebook] fundamentally changed the default settings on its social-networking platform to the detriment of users.”

After weeks spent trying to justify the erosion of user privacy, Facebook may at last be showing signs of weaking its stance. Responding to the on-going crisis, Facebook called an employee meeting yesterday to discuss the situation.