Facebook Fights Criticism with Security Update

Facebook has released a fresh security update in an effort to stop users' accounts from being hacked.

The update will allow users to register the machine they access their Facebook accounts from and to receive text/email notification if their account is accessed from an unknown machine.

In a post on its official Facebook blog, the company said: “We've always devoted significant time and effort to security. We've built technical systems that operate behind the scenes to quickly detect and block suspicious behavior, delete phony posts and messages and return compromised accounts to their rightful owners.”

Facebook said it had also installed a new security system that was capable of blocking suspicious log-in attempts to any Facebook account.

This will be done by asking a random security question to verify the identity of the person trying to access the account, with questions ranging from entering a date of birth to identifying a friend from a photo.

The security updates come after Facebook was severely criticised for comprising the privacy of its 400 million plus users.