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Google seeks gaming guru

One-time king of search, now everywhere wannabe Google, has posted up a job advert seeking a Product Management Leader for Games.

The US-based vacancy now exists for "a flexible, results-oriented, and experienced senior leader who will be responsible for developing Google's games commerce product strategy", it says here.

According to the ad, the right candidate will possess "visionary product insight, combined with experience in the online content business, significant technical expertise and extensive leadership and business skills.

"The Product Management Leader, Games combines a great instinct for developing compelling products with a strong focus on users and technical aptitude to work with a world class engineering team and the business sense to drive product goals and strategies," says the blurb.

Online gaming is big business - and we don't mean the type of 3D multiplayer frag fests geeks are into, rather the sort of thing granny and the kids do on the type of underpowered, integrated graphics-sporting boxes that are most common in regular households.

At least that's the market we'd suggest Google concentrate on if we were to get the job, not that we've applied, mind.

Will we see cloud-based gaming form Google in the near future? We're not betting against it, that's for sure.