LG launches wi-fi enabled Blu-ray player

LG Electronics has launched a wi-fi-enabled Blu-ray player in the UK, in the form of the BD570.

The player connects via wi-fi to the computers on a home network or DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) - compatible storage devices.

It can also be connected directly to external USB hard drives or thumb drives to play HD quality DivX and MKV movies.

The wi-fi connection allows the BD570 to fire content, such as YouTube videos, to a telly, assuming the telly's set up to receive it.

The player also unlocks additional movie-related content from the web with BD-Live, assuming there is some.

The BD570 connects to TVs with a single HDMI cable and plays both Blu-ray discs and regular DVDs, the output from which it up-scales to 1080p resolution.

“People shouldn’t be restricted to watching movies that come on discs,” said Stephen Gater, Head of Marketing, LG Home Entertainment Company. “We have included wireless connectivity on the BD570 that allows consumers to access content from other DLNA devices and NetCast too.”

The box is on sale now at around £178.