Microsoft Announces Release of SQL Server 2008 R2

Microsoft has announced the world wide release of its SQL Server 2008 R2, which will come with enhanced integration cloud computing.

SQL Server 2008, released to manufacturing last month, has been made available to download for enterprise customers who are planning to build their systems around the server.

Microsoft has also reported that over 2,000 businesses are planning to use the server at the core of their operations, including enterprise software vendor SAP.

The SQP Server 2008 R2 will come with better reporting and analysis features along with enhanced efficiency and wide platform integration to include everything from the datacentre to the cloud.

The R2 will come decked with PowerPivot, a type of information managing business intelligence software, and QL Server 2008 R2 Datacenter edition capable of running 256 logical processors.

Donald Farmer, principal program manager for SQL Server at Microsoft, said: “Until now, if business users wanted to take advantage of the large volumes of data their company collected, they had to ask their IT department.”