No Repeal of Digital Economy Act in Sight

The Digital Economy Act, passed by the defeated Labour government in its last session of parliament, caused outrage among online freedom campaigners.

Online protesters were disappointed by the passing of the law, championed by former business secretary Peter Mandelson, which gives the government the right to take down the internet connections of those suspected of illegally downloading copyrighted material.

The arrival of a new coalition government composed of the Conservative and Liberal Democratic parties has reawakened hopes that the law could be repealed.

The Liberal Democrats were the party most vocal in its opposition to the legislation, vowing to amend the Act if elected. This stance is believed to have attracted the votes of some protesters in the recent election.

However, careful study of the new administration's legislative proposals reveals no mention of a new Digital Economy Act - a fact that is likely to prompt the anger of those expecting the government to do something about the issue.