Samsung Rolls Out SNE-60 e-Book Reader

Consumer Electronics giant Samsung has announced the launch of its e-book reader, the SNE-60, which falls short of being what some might consider to be an iPad killer.

Launched in February 2010 in Korea, The device, which will be launched within the next few weeks, is closer in design to the Kindle. it measures a mere 17.1x12x1.6mm with a 6-inch E-Ink screen with 8-level of greys.

It has enough onboard capacity to be able to store up to 1400 books on its internal 2GB Flash memory with additional storage space thanks to a SD card reader.

Surprisingly, the SNE-60 can download contain via a WiFi connection and is compatible with text, PDF and ePub files; it even comes with text to speech functionality with "accurate pronunciations" according to Samsung's PR.

The ebook reader supports handwriting and comes with an electronic dictionary. Another useful addition is the MP3 player which has two 0.3w speakers; We still don't know what how much it will cost at launch and what's the battery life.

Graham Long, vice president of Samsung’s IT business division, said that "Samsung's arrival in the e-book reader market is significant as we are bringing unique functionality to this developing market".