Skype: No Plans To Develop For Windows 7 Mobile

IP telephony service provider Skype has said it has no current plans to develop software for Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7 phone OS.

Speaking at an event this week, vice president of Skype for the Asia Pacific region, Dan Neary, said the company was not developing an application for the Windows 7 Phone OS, scheduled to be released later this year.

Neary gave no hint as to why Skype was avoiding the Windows platform, when it was developing its client for every other smartphone platform.

Microsoft developed the mobile OS based on Windows 7 in an attempt to revive its mobile phone business line. The company is counting on the popularity of the PC version of Windows 7 OS to make the mobile OS a success.

Neary did not completely rule out the future development of software for Windows 7 Phone, but stated that the company was developing new Skype clients for the iPhone, iPad and Android-based smartphones.

Commenting on the development, a Skype representative said: “In February, we withdrew our Skype Lite and Skype for Windows Phones apps because they didn't offer the experience our customers had come to expect.”