UK Government Scraps ID Card Scheme

Home Secretary Theresa May has announced that New Labour's controversial identity card scheme is to be abolished by the new Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition government.

The scrapping of ID cards is one of the many changes the new government has promised, including reform of the DNA database, control of CCTV surveillance and the amendment of Liberal laws.

Both parties in the coalition criticised the ID card scheme when it was introduced by the previous Labour administration, and vowed to dismantle it if either came to power.

May told the BBC: “We will be scrapping ID cards but also introducing an annual cap on the number of migrants coming into the UK from outside the European union.”

The new Home Secretary stated that ID cards were more of a nuisance than a boon, and did nothing to curb terrorism and organised crime.

ID cards have been issued to thousands of migrants from outside the European Union, and to British nationals residing in the northwest.

Currently issued ID cards are still recognised, but the government advises against new applications.