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Does BT iPad Killer Comes From OpenPeak?

BT will launch a tablet PC that some have claimed will be a direct rival to the iPad and we believe that the company BT has chosen to execute the contact will be OpenPeak.

Interestingly, O2, which was formerly known as BT Cellnet, already sells a tablet device build by OpenPeak called the Joggler; it has a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen display and costs only £50 at the moment.

The Joggler which was launched last year used to cost three times more but dwindling sales possibly caused O2 to slash its price or risk getting loads of unwanted tablets on its arms.

Like the Joggler, BT's forthcoming product is also aimed at being used in the kitchen or in the lounge, bringing together text, voicemail, applications and email.

OpenPeak has already presented the successor of the Joggler, which is called the OpenTablet 7; the main differences are that unlike the Joggler, the OT7 can be used as a wireless, detachable tablet and it even comes with a 3G HSDPA built-in model.

It has a nifty docking station which acts as a stand, has a front facing HD camera (and a 5-megapixel at the back), a 7-inch multitouch screen, WiFi, Bluetooth, a HDMI port, and runs on Intel's latest Moorestown platform with a 1.9GHz Atom processor.