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Apple CEO in Email Barney Over iPad

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has lashed out at criticism of his beloved iPad in an e-mail.

The burst of anger followed an e-mail from Gawker editor Ryan Tate, in which Tate expressed his shock that Apple called the iPad a "revolution", and criticised the company for restricting users' experience on the popular device by banning Flash among other moves.

Tate could not restrain himself from sending an e-mail to Steve Jobs on Friday night after seeing the new Apple advertisement, portraying the iPad as revolutionary. He told Jobs that a revolution meant freedom, and Apple's recent behaviour was contrary to the very notion of freedom.

Jobs replied in an e-mail sent at 2am next morning, saying the company did what it had to do to protect the interests of its users by restricting programs that slowed down the device, drained its battery or promoted pornography.

What followed was a heated exchange of e-mails (opens in new tab) after which Ryan Tate stated: “Rare is the CEO who will spar one-on-one with customers and bloggers like this. Jobs deserves big credit for breaking the mold of the typical American executive, and not just because his company makes such hugely superior products.”