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Bankers Now Choosing iPhone Over RIM Blackberry

Research In Motion needs to be worried as it emerged that bankers are apparently keen to switch from their old time favourite smartphone range, the Blackberry, to the more entertaining and relaxed Apple iPhone.

Reuters (opens in new tab) reports that Standard Chartered will replace the handset, affectionately known as the Crackberry, with the iPhone in a move that could potentially see tens of thousands of users switch over the next few months.

The impact on RIM could be devastating; Blackberry relies on a complex and intricate ecosystem made up of the end user handsets and the back end architecture which is made up of systems based around the Blackberry Enterprise Server.

Bringing the iPhone en masse in this ecosystem will disrupt it and RIM will have to quickly react to minimise any impact. Worse, Apple might use the iPhone as a Trojan horse and later introduce its own enterprise messaging solution.

Other banks such as HSBC or Morgan Stanley have so far refused to allow their employees to use the iPhone because of security and management concerns.

A spokesperson told Standard Chartered that the move was not meant to replace the Blackberry completely but rather to offer an alternative (and some might say shove more pressure on the Canadian manufacturer).

Désiré Athow

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