Case Converts iPad Into Netbook

We've dreamt about it and Clamcase made it; this little known accessories manufacturer came up with an iPad case that turns the iPad into a netbook by adding a keyboard to it.

It also conveniently transforms itself into a nice-looking stand which is useful should you want to use your iPad as a screen or a digital photo frame.

The Clamcase won't be available until later this summer and pricing has yet to be finalised. However, do expect it to be one of the most popular iPad accessories on the market and certainly one of the most copied as well.

The first renderings show a completely different beast to what you'd normally expect from a protective case. But as Techcrunch rightly pointed out, the iPad & Clamcase bundle would possibly cost more than a mini laptop altogether and still offer less functionalities.

Yes, but this being Apple, neither the lack of features nor the premium will prevent fanboys from flocking to buy the iPad.

In addition, the Clamcase will also be compatible with other Bluetooth devices such as the Sony PS3 gaming console, the TiVO and any computer with a Bluetooth connection.

The only things missing are a proper touchpad, a SD card reader and the Apple logo.