Crysis 2 sneak peak video outed

Electronic Arts has let loose a teaser video for its forthcoming Crysis sequel.

The short gameplay movie, which features EA's Nathan Camarillo waxing lyrical about Crysis 2's New York setting and upgradeable powers, looks pretty impressive, going way beyond the original's somewhat tedious jungle setting.

The original game set the standard for ridiculously high technical demands on PC systems when it was first released and was responsible for many a gamer having to cough up huge wads of cash in order squeeze every last frame per second out of the game's engine with faster CPUs, additional RAM and better graphics cards.

In fact, Crysis has long been the de facto benchmarketing tool for many who don't pretend to understand the complex graphs and tables spewed out by most hardware-testing software.

The general rule of thumb for gaming luddites is, if it can run Crysis at a decent frame rate with all the graphical settings maxed out without bursting into flames, it's a pretty fast set-up.

There are no solid minimum specs for running the new game as yet, but you can bet they'll be pretty demanding.

Three year-old PCs need not apply.