Google To Partner With Intel On Web TV Project

Google might be looking to partner with Intel and Sony for a menage a trois to launch a WebTV venture during Google's developer conference, I/O 2010 which will happen from the 19th to the 20th of May in San Francisco.

The Financial Times reports that the platform, to be coined "Smart TV", will use Intel's Atom platform and combine with Google's Android OS rather than Microsoft's Windows CE or other obscure embedded software platform.

Intel's CCEO told analysts last week that the revolution they'd about to go through would be the "biggest single change in television since it went colour".

This obviously clashes with similar claims from Avatar producer James Cameron who supports the fact that 3D is greatest revolution since colour.

It will surely worry both long time partners of Google and Intel that the two companies have decided to team up to build set top boxes; Google is giving up on its usual mate, ARM, which is used in the majority of STBs.

Whether this will encourage Microsoft to bed ARM and launch its own range of STB remains to be seen. Intel might be looking forward to use its Moorestown platform and the just announced Z600 processor.