Google Raises Doubts Over Microsoft's Prospects in the Cloud Market

Google has initiated a new PR war over the launch of Microsoft's Office cloud service.

In an attempt to protect its own share in the online services market, Google has claimed that Microsoft has entered the cloud market too late to be a success.

Dave Girouard, the president of Google’s enterprise software division said in an interview with Computer World that Google had the expertise and the software to take on Microsoft in a one-on-one online enterprise software market battle.

Google has riled competitors since deciding to expand its existing search engine business by venturing into online ads, the smartphone market and the online business application market.

Even though Microsoft has the advantage of being a known player in the enterprise software market with its popular Office productivity suite, Girouard said, Google's revolutionary online enterprise software was more than a rival to anything offered by Microsoft.

Speaking on behalf of the search giant, Girouard added that it had the edge over Microsoft because its software was more easily available and compatible with every operating system.